ROI Calculator

Pivot Group has established a simple way to determine the ROI for an information security-related program, product, or service. This tool has been provided to help our clients clarify the value of their companies’ assets, annual budget, and cost of losses, as well as quantify the magnitude of threats and vulnerabilities.

The Pivot Group ROI Calculator is, by no means, an end-all resource for proving the ROI for any information security investment. The ROI for Information Security as a whole cannot be based on generating revenue, but rather the benefits to the company in terms of increased productivity and loss mitigation due to less incident-related downtime and costs.

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Please Enter the Values as Indicated

Value of Critical Assets = V
Cost of Annual Security Incidents = C
Investment of Information Security Program, Product, or Service = I

V / I = ROI Percentage for Protecting Critical Assets

C / I = ROI Percentage for Increasing Productivity and Risk Mitigation

For more detailed formulas and metrics, please refer to our Resource Guide.