Road to Successful Information Security Methodology

Business Assessment

Identify your critical information assets and the internal and external threats that could result in a loss or additional expense/liability. Assess the potential damage of these threats depending on the criticality of the asset.

Vulnerability Assessment

Evaluate the adequacy of policies, procedures, technology, and training to control risks, mitigate damages, and assist with regulatory compliance.

Based upon the risk assessment, regulatory compliance, resource availability, and budget guidelines, develop a proactive and ongoing Information Security Strategy which includes an implementation roadmap, metrics, accountability, and management reporting.

Using the Information Security Roadmap as your guideline, Pivot Group will work with your team as required to effectively protect your critical assets against the constant stream of current and future threats.
The Life Cycle of Information Security

Information Security is a process, not a destination. Continuously assess your company's business requirements to ensure your security program is current and positioned to receive the most return on your security investment.