Quality of Client Service Promise

We, at Pivot Group, are devoted to providing you with the highest quality of service.

We Promise to:

  1. Involve You in the Entire Information Security Process by
    1. taking a team approach – yours and ours
    2. teaching you security so you do not have to be dependent on any one company,
      including Pivot Group
    3. helping communicate the message throughout your organization
    4. finishing the engagement with a Report Card to evaluate our performance

  2. Deliver Tailored Solutions Based on Your Company’s Individual Business and
    Resource Requirements by
    1. taking the time to learn your business and technology
    2. not approaching solutions as one-size-fits-all
    3. making Security a Business Enabler through education, not fear

  3. Be Technology-Neutral by
    1. not having any of our own technology
    2. not reselling anyone else’s
    3. protecting your current Technology Investment