Financing Program

According to the worldwide study, The State of Information Security, conducted by CIO Magazine and PricewaterhouseCoopers, the number one ‘secret’ to achieving practical and effective security best practices is to allocate more budget dollars to security.

Pivot Group is proud to announce the first Financing Program to be offered in the Information Security services sector.

The dynamic nature of information and network security forces companies to stay on top of security; however, the lack of resources often impedes the success of any well-designed security plan. There are times when either a business or financial condition occurs that mandates emergency funding to augment the security presence within a company.

Financing presents powerful benefits to a company’s bottom line. Now Pivot Group clients can better prepare for all stages of information security by acquiring vital tools within their business and resource requirements with minimal upfront costs. This program allows Pivot Group to provide a cash flow-friendly alternative for clients seeking to enhance security funding, maximize risk management, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

For more information regarding this exciting program and your financing options, please call (404) 419.2160 ext 5 or email